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The Latigo Family

Updated: May 31, 2019

Earlier this week, I was invited to the Latigo Family home to capture their family portraits. This sweet family of five lives on a little slice of paradise in Burleson, and it's literally minutes from my house! As soon as I pulled into their drive I noticed something that you don't see very often, especially in the "city", CHICKENS! Chickens everywhere! Fifteen hens and one rooster to be exact. I've never done family portraits with chickens before so I was a bit nervous, but mostly excited! Towards the end of the session, Mrs. Latigo slipped into the house to get the chickens their favorite snack, and you'll never guess what she brought out for them. A BANANA! WHAT? Yes, a banana! I had no idea chickens loved bananas so much, but it definitely got their attention. Check out these previews from their adorable family session!



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