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B is for Babka

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

I have been wanting to do a DIY Lifestyle Moments session of myself and my son FOR. EV. ER. Today, we finally did it. Ryland has been asking for chocolate babka ever since he saw it on his favorite show's new bakery episode. Babka is a sweet yeast dough filled with fudgy chocolate or cinnamon in layers and baked. We took some serious shortcuts, and made our own version with frozen puff pastry. Hey, who has time to actually make pastry dough from scratch? Not this mama. Ryland thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, as you can see! He was very helpful and had to sample all of the ingredients along the way... and by sampling I mean scooping finger-fulls of Nutella into his mouth. How else are you supposed to eat Nutella, anyway?

I love lifestyle sessions because they capture the real life moments that you can't get back. No posing. No fancy hair and makeup, at least not for us. I debated on fixing my hair, or dressing up but that wouldn't be real life. So, I set up my tripod, programmed my camera to interval mode, and we got to work!



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