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Abigail's Senior Portrait Session

I love Senior Portraits. They are my absolute favorite type of session. Abigail chose one of my favorite locations and I was excited! This particular park in Fort Worth is STUNNING, I mean, full of photo-ops and gorgeous, glowing fields. Oh, yeah. Did I mention it also has a waterfall?! I love all of my outdoor locations, but this one takes the cake. We scheduled Abigail's session for the 2nd week of August, and if you're from Texas then you know how miserably hot outside it can be. Abigail was a total natural in front of the camera, though, despite the tremendous amount of sweat dripping from all of us. This girl knows how to pose! Every time I clicked the camera she would change up her look without direction! So. Much. Fun

While we are making our trek to the waterfall I like to utilize locations along the way, and this park has photo-ops-a-plenty. Gorgeous glowing fields, back lit trees, tall flowing grass. A photographer's dream- BUT- as we are nearing the waterfall I don't hear the water rushing. In fact, I don't hear anything at all. Complete silence. "Maybe it's just slowly, calmly flowing," I thought. WRONG! As we rounded the bend I peered into the opening of the trees and there it is... completely DRY! Le sigh. Utter disappointment. Nonetheless, our quest for the majestic waterfall backdrop was not misspent. We got the most gorgeous images, y'all, and I learned a valuable lesson along the way.

Don't hike to a waterfall in Mid-August.




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