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Model Team Info

Being a part of the PBK Model Team helps you make the most out of your senior experience. Join me on multiple photoshoots throughout the year - for free! I only ask that you use me as your senior portrait photographer. Yes, that's it! No commitments, no other requirements, and no hidden fees! Keep reading below to learn how The PBK Model Team works!


Why do I need a model team?

I would love a great group of 3-5 girls who I can rely on when I'm feeling creative or stumble upon a new spot! I love trying new things, which isn't always possible with regular clients!

What are the requirements?

I only ask that you book your senior portrait session with me - and that's it! There are no fees associated with this program and is really just for fun!

You must be a high school student to be considered, though!

What are the benefits?

Gain confidence in yourself and get great images in the process! You will receive multiple photoshoots

 throughout the year - and I don't have to constantly post model calls!

Is it really free?

Yes, really! As a PBK Model Team Member, you will be on my preferred model team for impromptu photoshoots all year. Your session will be free and you will receive 5-10 images per shoot depending on the type of session.

Apply Here!

Are you willing to travel to Dallas or other surrounding areas?
I have read and understand I must book my senior portraits with PBK to be considered
Do you agree to share images from your photoshoots on social media and tag PBK?

Thank you!

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